JOYIR 520 Praktisches Portemonnaie aus Leder

JOYIR 520 Praktisches Portemonnaie aus Leder

JOYIR 520 Praktisches Portemonnaie aus Leder

  • €15.70


- Material: Leder
- Praktisches und einzigartiges Design
- Große Kapazität, kann Kreditkarte, Personalausweis, Bargeld, etc. speichern

  • Daten: Marke: JOYIR
    Eigenschaften: Tragbar
    Typ: Brieftasche
    Stilelemente: Freizeit
  • Größe und Gewicht: Verpackungsgröße (L x B x H): 19,50 × 10,50 × 1,50 cm / 7,68 × 4,13 × 0,59 Zoll
    Verpackungsgewicht: 0,1350 kg
    Produktgröße (L x B x H): 19,00 x 10,00 x 1,00 cm / 7,48 x 3,94 x 0,39 Zoll
    Produktgewicht: 0,1250 kg
  • Packliste: Packliste: 1 x Brieftasche
  • Farbe: Tiefes Braun
Becca S.

Love the carbon design ; it looks a touch more modern than plain leather and the bifold fits very well in the back pocket, High quality wallet for a more than reasonable price


The wallet was real leather and it feels real nice in your hands and it's the perfect size

C Everett

High quality, well made leather wallet at a great price with fast delivery

jerry wade

It is a little on the wider side in comparison to what I have been used to but the wallet is sleak and has a number of pockets, The leather is good quality and has that rustic look I was going for as well, The price is on point and the quality is great

Heath Bowers

It's very nice quality leather and even the parts you do not see such as the inside of the pockets are of nice quality as well, I am happy with the purchase and would recommend purchasing this slim wallet if you are looking for a very nice gift without spending a large amount of money

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